• LDP bring the answer to you

    LDP stands for Lintor Digital Printers which are providing significant business value and designed with innovating thinking. With our over 20 years strong experience in inkjet printing technology and self-designed printing devices, LDP recalls quality and professionalism to our customers.

    • LEADING: Bring you latest technology and prospect digital printing applications.

    • DIVERSE: Large product portfolio, specialized in multi-function. 

    • PRECISE: Detail-oriented products to provide high-precision. 

  • Originality is the way we take lead

    All the products and solutions are planned through a comprehensive design process because we focus on innovative thinking. We provide original printing machines and solutions that are irreplaceable and hard to copy.

    • Finding problem 

    • Market insight 

    • Review current technology 

    • Reinventing 

    • Make practical creativity happen. 


  • Solving problem the most efficient way

    A problem could be solved in many ways, but not all of them can lead you to a good result. With our innovative thinking、advanced technology and ahead-thinking market insight, our clients can easily enjoy the benefit by choosing our products and solutions.

  • Detail is the key to success

    Our years of color management and machine design experience are making our printers always achieving high performance and superb quality. Even slight differences can define you as ordinary or extraordinary.

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