HUV Printers
  • The perfect solution for environment, efficiency and cost saving for outdoor printing.

    A green outdoor printing solution to replace solvent-based solutions, HUV has outdoor durability, instant drying, it is eco-friendly and gets other advantages that no any other solution has. Its low investment threshold and versatility make it ideal for users who have just entered the UV market.

    1. Affording both solvent and UV inks advantages like wide color gamuthigh gloss effect、outdoor durabilityand quick drying.

    2. Quick drying and fast printing speed let your printing business profitable with its high product ability. 

    3. HUV can take both UV and traditional jobs due to its specifications, making your risk taking less significant. 

  • HUV’s efficiency makes other solvent-based obsolete.

    HUV inks are cured by UV light like other traditional UV inks, which means you can take post-press finishing immediately once cured without any waiting. so, you can increase production efficiency, save labor, and reduce related maintenance costs.

    1. UV LED curing system helps print to dry immediately.

    2. Without coating and laminating needed, you save lots of time from complicated process.

    3. Max production speed at 98m2 / hour with RICOH G5 print heads. (data from HUV 3.2M model).

    4. Instant ON/OFF LED bulbs.

  • Best choice for outdoor prints.

    HUV combines solvent and UV properties and perfectly meets the requirements of color, gloss, and durability of outdoor applications.

    1. Bright and vivid color just as offered by 100% solvent ink, and expected 3 years durability in outdoor environment.

    2. Switch matt or gloss finish for attractive images with simple one-key setting.

  • Affordable price and lower maintenance cost

    Constrained by environmental factors, many traditional printing business owners turning to UV market for more opportunities.
    However, some business might have not enough business volume to support purchasing a real UV dedicated printer in early-stage.
    HUV has been created to solve this problem. Only require half of bulbs compared to traditional UV printers.

    1. Lower inks consumption than solvent-based printer.

    2. Print heads life span twice longer than with solvent solution. 

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