CRM Team

As the most important communication role, our CRM team dedicates to provide our customers the best user experience. In order to guarantee our users‘ productivity and profitability, we offer a wide range of services including sales, technical support and application development.

Technical Support

Our qualified engineers are capable of finding and understanding the problem to solve it immediately. We provide our users high-level technical support including installation, setup, maintenance, repair, equipment inspection and parts replacement to ensure the machine is always under optimum condition.

Training Service

We offer a series of basic and advanced courses including operator training, maintenance training, technician training, workflow training, etc. Participants will learn how to use the system, the operation of LDP printers, regular & preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, workflow from image file to the final print and acquire the knowledge of color management.

Product Warranty

All LDP printers have a one-year warranty, it provides preventive maintenance service, trouble shooting and maximum printer utility to ensure our customer’s profit-making ability.
During the purchase, our customer has the opportunity to extend the warranty for his machine (2 & 3 years).

Additional Service

We built a creative team in order to help customers to experience the possibilities of our product by making interesting, attractive, and useful applications. We also help our customers to transform their idea into a real product through a series of evaluation, design, testing and adjustment procedure.