Inkjet system manufacturing and customization

In today's ever-changing market, the specialization, differentiation and customization have gradually become the mainstream demand of the industry. As a result, we started to provide customize services to our customers so that they can customize their products according to their needs. Meanwhile, we also provide ODM / OEM service to optimize product development process of manufacturers who trying to develop more customized product.

Service Process

From technical consultation to a full set of industrial solutions,
we help customers satisfy their printing needs with inkjet technology,
including the design and manufacture of the equipment and application development


A twenty-year experience of inkjet printing

Strong technical foundation of printing, familiar with RIP, color management and nozzle arrangement.

Wide product portfolio

Arrange different print heads, ink and parts through several times of trial& error and find thebest combination.

Complete team

Independent teams for R & D, testing, production, marketing, sales, customer service, etc.

Rich resources

Control resources of industrial chain to support design ideas and production.