LED-UV RTR Printers.
  • The high-performance UV LED RTR printers with superb quality and versatility

    GUV is a high-performance RTR printer series made to expand possibilities for our middle & high-end users though it’s advanced technology and superb printing quality.

    • Dual UV lamps and 9 special printing modes to create perfect and attractive prints.

    • High and uninterrupted productivity given by instant curing system an instant on / off features.

    • Capacity to print various kinds of substrates for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Advanced & Environmentally friendly UV LED technology.

    To cater the growing awareness of environmental protection, you probably have chosen UV technology as your solution, however, the huge maintenance costs have drastically reduced your profitability. It’s time to try a greener printing solution LED-UV which is Eco-friendly , Efficiency, with Low maintenance requirement.

    • Fast drying and instant on / off for an optimum use.

    • Zero ozone emission, mercury free, and no VOCs are compliant with RoHS regulation. 

    • LED-UV Curing extends range of supported substrates, including heat-sensitive material like CLEAR PET Film and uncoated media. 

    • Sharper 、brighter、and more vivid color provide the best visual effect. 

    • Excellent ink durability makes your images have consistently high-quality.

  • Superb Quality & Versatile Applications

    In high-end market, demanding customers always put quality and versatility as top priority, GUV series propose an exclusive curing system and 9 special printing nodes to vary printing results and reach astonishing for advertising, decoration and signage markets.

    •  Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications like double-sided graphics, billboard, banner, bus shelters, vehicle stickers, widow film, POP, wall decoration and so on. 

    • Double UV lamps design can effectively avoid banding issue occurred.

    • Industrial print head with 7 or 3.5pl drop size brings high-definition image quality and superb color saturation.

    • 9 special printing modes to create amazing effect like Day & Night,、Sandwich、Emboss、Dual-images and 5layers.  

  • User-friendly design and lower maintenance cost.

    Within a high-mix、low-volume、fast turnover production mode, a simple operating and media-loading systems can help you minimize the cost and time wasted. At the same time, lower maintenance costs is also the key to keeps your business profitable.

    • LED lamps have 10 times longer life span and 1/5 energy consumption of traditional UV lamps.

    • Auto Clean System help to maintain your printhead and increase its lifetime.

    • Intuitive control panel design showing key figures like ink consumption、ink levels、 negative pressure and other index, helps user easily grasp the condition of their printer.


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