Flatbed Printers


  • New platforms -Diplo E and Diplo S

    LDP propose two new platform sizes: 120x120cm and 250x130cm

    • Newly compact size of 120x120cm printable surface, suitable for studios and stores. Dedicated to very fine quality.
    • A wide-format flatbed machine with high-quality printing technology. 250x130cm, suitable for mass production and customized orders.
    • Digital intelligent interface: quick and easy to operate. Print amazing effects with ease.
  • Start and print. Small quantities and customized orders take few minutes.

    Print on all kinds of sheets (corrugated boards, acrylic, foam, etc.) or even directly on items (phone case, laptop, boxes, books, lighters, etc.).

    • Maximum material thickness: 50mm

    • Customized jobs and small quantities are affordable and not a struggle any longer.

    • LDP original LED-UV inks offer bright colors and beautiful gradient performance.

  • LDP Creative Graphic Arts Center

    The combination of creativity and technology, LDP allows design creativity to break the limitations of conventional and uninspired printings.

    • LDP exclusively researches and develops LED-UV curing inks, breaks through materials and applications restrictions, and expands your business opportunities.

    • Simple operation interface, multiple printing modes, file design application.

    • LDP Creative Center provides a variety of design applications such as interior decoration, furniture, clothing bags, etc. Welcome to visit and inquire.

  • Equipped with LDP original ink

    LED-UV inks stick to more materials without pre-processing.

    • LDP developed ink offering high gloss finish, just like if it was laminated. Get rid of matte and dull color performance of conventional UV inks.

    • LED-UV inks have good durability, excellent weather and abrasion resistance. No lamination required.

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