Label Printers


  • High production, sharp quality.

    With a mass production speed up to 90m per minute, SUV offers unprecedented production efficiency.

    • Single Pass digital printing technology can respond to all small or large orders, and all in one go.

    • Traditional printing pre-press work as setting, cleaning, color calibration, and all functions are now operated by computer, saving manpower and time consumption.

    • Print multiple files at the same time. Save time, increase your profit.

  • Clear and sharp quality

    The highest resolution 1200x1200dpi

    • Equipped with Ricoh Gen6 industrial piezo print head, which offers 5 picolitres meticulous ink droplets, for precise barcode and QR Code and fine text content.

    • Material feeding system equipped with automatic correction function to ensure consumables do not shift during printing process.

    • Anti static electricity device to reduce the problem of ink flying and splattering during printing process. Keeps pictures quality refined and sharp.

  • Expand business scope

    The combination of LED-UV curing technology and corona function makes the surface of consumables ideal for better ink adhesion. Use a wider range of materials and get better results.

    • LDP original LED-UV ink: HUV series. High-gloss texture and vivid colors.

    • Can print 350mm wide roll materials. LED-UV curing technology is suitable for all kinds of heat-sensitive materials.

    • Built-in automatic cleaning, static electricity removal, dust removal function, and automatic control system makes operation faster and easier.

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